Committee Structure

Development & Fundraising
Vice President of Development and chairpersons of all drives and special events. Interested Foundation directors as well as actively involved community representatives including younger persons, middle management and employee representation. A good mix of men and women and a representative cross-section of the entire community. Individuals with previous experience in organizing and conducting special events.
Responsible for planning and coordinating all fundraising drives and special events.
Corporations, Foundations & Selected Donors
10 - 15 Members including general drive chairperson.
Top corporate and high management personnel in local business firms, corporation and financial institutions.
Solicit major lead gifts from individuals, corporations and vendors. Provide leadership in the organization and develop an annual drive. Individuals capable of making special gifts themselves or influencing major prospects; individuals with entree to and knowledge of potential special prospects in the community.
Financial Affairs
3-5 Members including the treasurer as chairperson.
CPA/ Accountant, banker, investment counselor, stock broker, business owners.
Keep accurate records of all funds of the Corporation received or disbursed; preparation of financial reports; preparation of state and federal reports and tax returns. Investment and management of funds.
Special Events & Donor Recognition
5-7 Members including chairperson.
Individuals with good organizational skills, worker bees; expertise in special events with creative ideas for unique fundraising activities and events.
Organize a variety of special fundraising events.
Marketing & Public Relations
3-5 Members including chairperson.
Professionals in the news media, advertising, public relations and marketing. Actively involved community representatives, employees and auxiliary representation, clergy and other creative individuals.
Identify education/ service needs, implement community service programs to fill needs with schools, review publications, initiate improvements, review public relations and information programs, recommend and implement improvements and programs.
Grant Applications
7-9 Members including chairperson.
Individuals with general knowledge and understand of curriculum and instruction - classroom teachers, principals, district-level curriculum and instruction personnel; parents and individuals who have been involved in strategic planning at the district level; site-based management team members and interested Foundation Board members.
Development of grant application process: establish criteria for evaluating grant applications, annual appointment of Grant Review Committee, determine procedures for awarding and recognizing grant applications, establish fiscal management policies relative to the transfer of funds from the Foundation to the school/ district recipient.
Alumni Relations
5-9 Members including chairperson.
Actively involved alumni, a mix of men and women that easily identified with school functions, preferably a graduate of the school system.
Develop alumni database; prepare and make foundation presentations to class reunions, organize an all school alumni association, oversee all alumni related activities and special events.
Parent & Staff Relations
2-3 Foundation Directors and a parent & staff volunteer from each campus.
2 Foundation directors plus a staff and parent volunteer from each campus.
Responsible for organizing and coordinating solicitation of funds from parents and district staff in conjunction with the annual drive.
Legal Affairs & Planned Giving
5-7 Members including chairperson.
Attorneys, trust officers, CPA's, CLU's, real estate investment personnel and investment counselors.
Cultivate professionals in various types of deferred and planned giving. Present seminars on estate planning, financial planning and tax-tips; prepare related deferred/ planned giving printed materials.
Staff Advisory Council
2 staff representatives from each BISD campus with a chairperson chosen from those representatives to sit on the Board of Directors.
2 staff representatives from each campus. Staff representatives can be any full time staff from any department. Representatives need to  identify with the environment and culture of the campus they represent.
Communicate with their campuses the actions of the Foundation Board and encourage involvement. They will review information from the Board agenda with regards to the campus they represent and report back as needed. They will recruit or serve with special events planning and will help fundraising campaigns and drives at their home campus. The council members are to represent and advocate for the Foundation at their home campus. Must meet monthly, with the exception of December and July.
Executive Committee
9 voting members, with Executive Director as a non-voting position.
President, Vice President of Development and Vice President of Administration, Secretary (always BISD superintendent), Treasurer, 3 Directors at Large, Past President and Executive Director.
Managing the corporation in the ordinary course of business, employment of personnel, and the general handling of the affairs of the Corporation and the carrying out of the purposes of the Corporation and the performance of such other duties as may be imposed upon it or authorized by the Board of Directors.
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