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Purpose: The Coins for Classrooms program was created to meet smaller needs for instruction and give staff (who work directly with students) a funding stream that is accessible throughout the school year. The goal of the program is to help staff avoid spending their own money on additional supplies needed that may not be covered by their approved budgets. In addition, the Foundation wants to connect our community with the needs of our educators and give them an easy, convenient and doable way to support of staff and students.

Funding Structure: The Coins for Classrooms program will be funded 100% through crowd source funding using the Go Fund Me no profit portal.

Eligible Applications: Any BISD staff member who works directly with students in the classroom. Applicants are allowed 2 approved fundraisers a year through the program.

Application Requirements:
    Applications will be accepted between October 1 - March 1 of each school year.
    Must be a BISD employee who works hands on with students in the classroom.Fundraiser request must be no greater than $500 and must include specific purchasing information: vendor (BISD approved), number of items, price per item, shipping details.Must include the following information (as request in application): campus, grade level, content area or program title, number of students served.Brief description of the fundraiser request (as requested in application): What is the project, item, etc. being requested? What instructional or enrichment need does it serve?Fundraiser request must be approved by campus principal (as requested in application).

Approval Process:

Once complete application has been received by the Foundation, the Foundation will:
    Ensure that request meets Coins for Classroom requirements.Ensure request is not already funded by BISD.Ensure, if request is technology related, that request can be supported by BISD technology.Ensure, if request is facilities related, that request can be supported by BISD maintenance.
    Ensure request aligns with BISD District Improvement Plan and Strategic Plan

Fundraiser Details:
    Once application and request have been approved, requester will be notified (may take up to 30 days for approval depending on applications submitted).Fundraiser will be posted on BISD Education Foundation, Go Fund Me Site and requester will be provided a link to share via email, social media or handouts.  (There will be no more than 10 fundraisers posted at a time. This may delay when a fundraiser is posted.)Once fundraiser is posted, fundraiser will be active for up to 45 days or when it is fully funded (whichever comes first), at which time the fundraiser will be removed for the addition of a new fundraiser.

Coins for Classroom CASHED IN
Once a Coins for Classrooms fundraiser is funded or 30 day period is up, BISD employee will be able to access their funds to purchase what was requested.

Purchasing Instructions:
    Once funds are available, requester will be notified and will be given an account number to make the purchase through. Requester will need to provide secretary (employee in charge of purchasing at that campus) with account number and purchasing information to create requisition.
    Requisition will flow through the Foundation and Businesses Services for approval. Employee will have 60 days to complete purchase. 
**BISD employee will be given a list of those who donated to their cause (who are not listed as anonymous) and is asked to send Thank You cards to each donor.

Please take note!

What happens if my fundraiser is not fully funded?
The requester will have to designate where the money will go, in the application process.
In the event that your fundraiser is not fully funded, please choose the appropriate option below for the disbursement of funds raised:
1.) My requested need can still be partially fulfilled with partial funding. Example: I can purchase 5 calculators instead of 10.

2.) My requested need must be fully funded to complete. If not fully funded, please donate the money to my campus for child welfare. *If this option is chosen, it will be stated on the fundraiser site for potential donors to see.

Organizations that support BISD students, but have their own 501 (c)(3) are not eligible for funding. If a club or group does not have their own 501 (c)(3), but we can reasonably deduce that they receive a majority of funding from outside sources, we reserve the right to reject their request.

Any request, such as outings for social purposes or clothing purchases, that are not tied to an instructional or enrichment need, will not be supported with this program.

Requests the fail the following review processes will not be funded:
a. funded with BISD budget money
b. not supported by BISD technology
c. not supported by BISD facilities
d. not aligned with BISD curriculum
e. not aligned with BISD strategic plan or district improvement plan.

*The Education Foundation will provide a written explanation in the event that a request is denied.

Supporting Documentation for Application (if applicable):

Technology Purchase Request - This is the link to Eduphoria: formspace
  • Click the link. You may be required to sign into Eduphoria.
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the Eduphoria: formspace page.
  • Click on the Submit New Form link on the bottom, left side of the page. This will start a form wizard to guide you to the correct form.
  • Select the Technology Category link.
  • Select Technology Request Form
  • Select the appropriate campus. This should open the Technology Request Form for you to complete and submit.
  • When filling out the form, please enter Coins for Classroom in lieu of a budget account code.

Facilities Modification

***You must have administrative approval for a Coins for Classrooms fundraiser. This means your principal has verified that there are no local funds to pay for your request, and they approve of what you are raising funds for. By clicking YES on the application, you are confirming your campus administration approves of your request.

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