DAEP Grades 5-12

DAEP is a supervised educational setting for students (grades 5-12) who violate the Student Code of Conduct or commit serious or illegal acts under such code or the penal code. Students may also be removed from class and placed in the DAEP by the principal or assistant principal for conduct outside of school and off school property. The student will be placed in an alternative school when it is reasonably believed the student’s presence in the regular classroom or at the home campus presents a danger of physical harm to the student or to other individuals.

Students enrolled at the Lighthouse Learning Center will adhere to the established standardized code of dress.  The alternative education program provides for students’ core academic courses. The home-campus principal determines the length of assignment.

Student eligibility for the Special Outcomes Program at the Lighthouse Learning Center will be determined by the home-campus principal at the time of assignment.

Level Cards

The “level card” system is the record used by the LLC staff each day to log student behavior and academic achievement. The evaluative record allows the staff to track student progress daily and students to earn more privileges while assigned to the Lighthouse. There are four levels of cards: red, yellow, green and gold. Gold is the highest level with the most privileges and red is the lowest. All students begin their assignment at the yellow level. The green level is for students who do well the majority of the time, and the gold level is for students who have demonstrated exemplary conduct and academic achievement.

Course Offerings

s = also offered in special education resource class also


  • Language 7 (s)
  • Language 8 (s)
  • English I, II, III, IV (s)
  • Reading I, II (s)


  • Math 7 (s)
  • Math 8 (s)
  • Pre-Algebra (s only)
  • Algebra I (s)
  • Algebra I Lab
  • Algebra II
  • Algebra II Lab
  • Geometry (s)
  • Math Models (s)
  • Senior Math Applications
  • Mathematics I, II (s only)
  • Problem Solving Math
  • Money Management (s only)
  • *PreCal
  • *Calculus


  • Science 7 (s)
  • Science 8 (s)
  • IPC (s)
  • Biology (s)
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry in the Community
  • Physics

Social Studies

  • History 7 (s)
  • History 8 (s)
  • World Geography (s)
  • US History (s)
  • World History (s)
  • Government (s)
  • Economics (s)


  • BIM
  • Keyboarding
  • Employment Studies I & II (s only
  • Employment Studies w/Coop (s only)
  • Communication Applications
  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • *Multimedia
  • *Desktop Publishing
  • *Web Mastering
  • *Recordkeeping
  • *Accounting I &II
  • *Introduction to Business
  • *Business Law

*Taught at LLC only if text and materials are supplied.

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