Local Perks LogoLocal Perks Partner Guidelines:

1. Business must have a store or physical location of business.

2. Advertisements must provide a discount or special offer to district employees.

3. Advertisements will not be permitted without a special offer to district employees.

4. The types, values and/or amounts are at the discretion of the business. Here are a few possible suggestions:

  • Suggested discounts : 10%, 20%, 25% off, etc
  • Buy one, get one free, offers
  • Buy one, get another half off
  • Free appetizer with purchase of entrée
  • Free with purchase of…
  • Three visits and the fourth is free, etc

5. All discounts must be honored for one full year, unless dates are stated explicitly in the offer. (August through July)

6. Changes to the discounts will not be allowed during the year.

7. Brazosport ISD employees must present their employee badge to the business to receive any and all offers. Clipped coupons or discounts will not need to be posted on the site.

8. The following items shall not be offered as discounts to employees:

  • Tobacco products
  • Alcohol products – (Over the counter or with meal discount offers)
  • Sexually suggestive or adult oriented products and/or material

9. The Human Resources Department must approve all discounts, postings and advertisements.

10. Flyers, advertisements or other promotional material will not be allowed to be distributed through schools to students or employees. All information must be sent to the Brazosport ISD Communications Department who will disseminate the information appropriately through existing communication channels.

11. Final decisions, approvals and/or rejections are at the sole discretion of the Brazosport ISD.

Submit your application form and discounts here!

We look forward to working with your business to provide discounts and incentives for employees of Brazosport ISD. If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please feel free to contact Jessie Jennings at [email protected] or Aaron Ennis at [email protected].

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