Transfer Renewal Process

Out of District Student Transfer RENEWAL Process


April 15 through April 30 is the time frame for communication between the campus Principal and the transfer student’s parent/guardian the intent to remain on a transfer for the upcoming school year or attend the zoned campus.

Campus Principals will review the student’s records to determine if qualifying criteria is still being met by the student.

If the student has the Principal’s approval to continue on a transfer, an email with a link will be sent to each approved transfer student's parent asking them to complete the online form by April 30 if they intend to continue on a transfer. Due to state law, all out-of-district transfers must have current signature paperwork on file.

For any transfer student not meeting qualifying criteria, the campus Principal will meet with the transfer student’s parent/guardian and communicate their plan to non-renew and the reason.

Transfers are only considered when one of the following needs occur:

  • Extenuating hardship
  • Parent/Guardian is BISD employee at the same campus or a BISD employee with extenuating hardship
  • Moved outside of the boundary lines but want to complete semester or school year
  • Interest in having child participate in the elementary STEM Program at Stephen F. Austin STEM Academy

Applicant must give a detailed explanation for transfer request in the box provided. Qualifying criteria will be considered.


Transportation is not provided for out of district transfer students.


  • Attendance: Meets 90% for the previous semester and the most recent grading period, including tardies
  • Attitude/Behavior: Student is exhibiting appropriate conduct and work habits
  • Parental Cooperation: Parent/Guardian is supportive and cooperative with school staff

Student transfers will be evaluated for continuation by the campus Principal each spring. A decision to not renew may be made if the student does not:

  • Obey all school rules and regulations as listed in the BISD Student Code of Conduct
  • Attend school regularly with 90% attendance for the previous semester and the most recent grading period including tardies

A transfer can also be rescinded if a parent does not cooperate with school staff or if they falsify information for the purpose of transfer approval. Parent/Guardians may be punished under the Texas Penal Code, Chap. 37 Sec. 37.10 for falsified information. It is important to note that the District will not hire additional staff, provide additional classroom space, or apply for a class size waiver in order to accommodate transfer students. Therefore, student transfers may be revoked if there are unexpected increases in student enrollment.

For more information, please contact:
Office of Student Services
Sally Cisneros
[email protected]
979-730-7000 ext 16107

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